Eliminate toxins and balance your body hormonal system

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You'll be surprised to see the Final Results of your Healthy life & would crave for more.

Better Stamina

You'll be surprised to see the Final Results of your Healthy life & would crave for more.


We are TricaJuice

Botanical beverage mix lemon with tea polyphenois

The new and improved blends of Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon and Tribulus Terrestris, is a healthy supplement to be added to daily diet to act as an adaptogen for it to adjust and balance the body system to achieve perfect health condition in all aspects.

One of its major ingredients, Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon, is a tuberous plant that grows in the Peruvian Andes at between 3,000 and 4,000 meters above sea level. It is the only plant that can survive at this altitude where the weather is very extreme: brutally hot in the day and freezing cold at night. For centuries, it has been used to improve energy, libido and fertility among men in Peru; however for women, it is to help balance hormone balance, sooth Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and alleviate menopause symptoms.

We are reliable

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

TricaJuice is a healthy supplement with the mixture of six types of herbal plants - MACA, Tribulus Terrestris, Citiric Acid or Vitamin C Lemon, Tea Polyphenols and Nutmeg. It cleanse internal organs, improve blood circulation, eliminate waste toxins and balance the hormonal system. With its incredible functionality, it help increasing the strength of a person's sexual as well.

Our Ingredient

Our Ingredient.Maca & Tribulus Terrestris.

Maca is used as an immunostimulant; for anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, stomach cancer, sterility and to enhance memory. In recent years it is being added into the diet of NASA Astronauts maximum health performance.

Tribulus terrestris is a flowering plant natively to warm temperate and tropical regions. It can thrive even in desert climates and poor soil.

Why choose Us?

How it Works.We make our Customers Healthy.

It increases testosterone by increasing gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which in turn stimulates the production of LH and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Testosterone, besides its role in muscle-building and raising fertility and libido, is also known to have a positive effect on bone marrow activity (for red blood cell production) and the immune system.

Main FUNCTIONS of TricaJuice

  • Balance of Hormone
  • Increases energy & stamina
  • Enhances fertility in men & women
  • Reduce acid level in body
  • Maintain blood sugar level
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Strenghten bones, prevent Osteoporosis
  • Prevention of piles & constipation
  • Improve brain functionality
  • Improve blood functionality
  • At therapy hormone replacement (HRT)
  • Enhance liver function
  • Helps in stress treatment
  • Improve level of eyesight
  • Increased testostetone level
  • Prevent heart disease with lower cholesterol & fat
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A powerful team to help grow your business.

In year 2007, Kanzzs was formed by a group skilled and professional business team with the supported of a number of unique and tested products. Today, Kanzzs have expanded its businesss to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, dan India.

Kanzzs is a global company that has been changing e-commerce business with the latest internet infrastructure technology. Along with the awesome products, Kanzzs provides the best oppurtunity to all of our business partners to earn susbstantial income anytime, anywhere.

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Our Team



With more than 20 years experience in Multi-Million business. Jeffery constantly open up new opportunities and ideas to expand his business network throughout the world.



John Grant - an International Corporate Consultant based in Port Stephens, NSW, Australia. With his extensive experience over 38 years in the MLM industry over USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, New Zealand and Australia, he create an alliances between John Grant & Associates Australia with Kanzzs' International Group Ltd.



With over 11 years of experience in Multi-Level-Marketing industry. Salamiah actively involved in the management and supervising Kanzzs' businesses across ASEAN.

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Halal Food Council S.E.A TricaJuice


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ALS Laboratory Group

Our Plan

List of some features included in our Affiliate programe plan.

We offers three types of membership PACKAGE for member registration.
Strongly recommend our entrepreneurs to choose whether membership PACKAGES 1 STAR (BRONZE) nor the expertise PACKAGE 3 STAR (GOLD).
Membership can be upgraded from time to time*.

Package Payment (WM/EM) Products (VP/Set) Sponsor Bonus
1 Star RM362.40 / 378.30 1 (3 Box) RM55.00
3 Star RM1812.00 / 1891.50 5 (15 Box) RM275.00
5 Star RM3624.00 / 3783.00 10 (30 Box) RM550.00
STOKIS RM6200.00 / 6400.00 15 (45 Box) RM1000.00

Join us with PACKAGES 1 STAR and you are eligible for 2 TYPES OF BONUSES.

Join us with PACKAGE 3 STAR or 5 STAR and you are eligible for 3 special BONUSES.

1. SPONSOR Bonus

You will be rewarded RM55.00 for each successful sponsorship. For example, if you had sponsored A, B & C and your reward is:
RM55.00 x 3 = RM165.00

  • Sponsorship is non-restricted
  • No purchase is required to maintain eligible for this bonus
  • Bonus is rewarded for real time, you can withdraw the bonus as soon as your downline registration is done in the system

2. PAIR Bonus

A and B is calculated as 1 PAIR. For example, if you had sponsored 1 PAIR and your reward is:
RM20.00 x 1 = RM20.00 (1 Star)
RM30.00 x 1 = RM30.00 (3 Star)

  • Maximum daily income is:
    - 15 pairs package 1 Star - 300.00 (1 Star).
    - 165 pairs package 3 Star - 3,000.00 (3 Star ).
  • PAIR Bonus will be calculated after 12 midnight every day and withdrawal can be continuosly
  • PAIR Bonus will be calculated without flushing
  • PAIR Bonus will be calculated based on products' sales

Situation in which sales occur:

  • Sponsoring new members (new members are required to purchase product during registration)
  • Your Downline upgrade (Purchase product during upgrade)
  • Your Downline doing sales (Repeat order)
  • Your Downline place order (Maintain)

You'll be able get a PAIR bonus repeatedly from the same downline

(Package 3 Star & 5 Star ONLY)

Matching Bonuses are calculated up to level 5 ONLY - all referrals in level 1 are your personally sponsored downline

  • Bonus at level 1 is 25% of income downline level 1
  • Bonus at level 2 is 15% of income downline level 2
  • Bonus at level 3 is 2% of income downline level 3
  • Bonus at level 4 is 5% of income downline level 4
  • Bonus at level 5 is 8% of income downline level 5

For example,

1. if the income of A is RM10,000 then you able to get
25% x RM10,000 = RM2,500.00

2. if the income of B is RM10,000 then you able to get
15% x RM10,000 = RM1,500.00

Terms eligible for Matching Bonus

  • You are a member of the 3 Star and above
  • Maintain of current stage is required
  • Minimum 6 pairs of sponsorship is require for second level of your sponsorship
  • Bonus calculated on the 1st of every month
  • Bonus will be paid on 7 ~ 9 th of each month


What Clients say?

Some of our Clients love us & so we do!

Masalah Hormon tidak seimbang dan gemuk. Pernah mengguna pelbagai jenis produk untuk menurunkan berat badan tetapi tidak berkesan dan semakin gemuk. Setelah saya mengamalkan Tricajus & De Active yang diperkenalkan oleh Eleen berat badan saya turun lebih 5kg dalam 3 minggu. Pada 3 minggu yang pertama ,tindak balasnya mengakibatkan badan saya sakit ,lengor,letih dan tidak boleh berkerja. Sekarang saya berasa sihat dan cergas.

Tan Mei Chun Penang

Saya kena strok, apabila saya berjalan saya berasa amat penat dan tidak boleh jalan jauh. Selepas 4 hari saya gunakan Tricajus, satu keajaiban berlaku terhadap diri saya, badan saya berasa ringan saya boleh jalan lebih jauh dan tidak berasa penat lagi.

Aziz Alor Setar

Sejak mengamalkan 1 kotak Tricajus & De Active, masalah hormon, anemia dan sakit kepala yang serius telah hilang, berat badan saya juga turun lebih 5 kg.

Julia Chung - 29 tahun

Saya menghadapi masalah sakit pinggang sudah bertahun-tahun, Kencing kerap dan sakit di bahagian pundi kencing Doktor jangka saya ada batu karang selepas X-Ray dan makan ubat yang diberikan, masih tak ada perubahan. Setelah Mr.Lau memperkenalkan saya Tricajus. Saya amalkan hanya 7 hari. Masalah saya sudah hilang dan pulih semuanya. Sekarang saya sudah boleh kerja kuat di kebun setiap hari.

Md Saad Bin Md Sungai Petani

Sejak kemalangan pada tahun 1982 tangan saya tidak dapat menggaruk bahagian belakang badan dan tengkuk. Kaki dan tangan kebas serta menghidapi Tekanan darah tinggi. Setelah saya minum Tricajus sebanyak 3 peket, tangan saya mula boleh bersabun di bahagian belakang badan kebas-kebas beransur pulih dan tekanan Darah tinggi sudah normal sekarang.

Albert Teo Papar Sabah

Serangan penyankit jantung dan darah beku, kencing manis [ 10mml ], tekanan darah rendah [100/60 ] , masalah buah pinggang Kolestrol tinggi, sesak nafas dan tak boleh tidur lena. Selepas makan ubat doktor pembekuan darah dan lebam di permukaan kulit masih ada, badan masih berasa letih. Setelah saya amalkan Tricajus selama 1 bulan lebam-lebam dan pembekuan darah tidak ada lagi Jantung berasa sihat tidak lagi sesak nafas dan boleh tidur lena waktu malam.

Noraini Bt Hamzah Pendang

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